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The business class X social media mastery

course that is MADE specifically for business owners!

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Kookie, is FAR more knowledgeable than a dance studio. The girl is a brainstorm and marketing genius, she helped me with me chefs seasoning line and I'm glad I choose her, she is down to earth and relatable!

- Chris N

 I was skeptical at first, not sure if she would know about my industry, but she did! Thanks again, Kookie! She breaks everything down, so you don't feel intimidated. I'm buying her mentorship as soon as it launches!
Kookie, You're the BEST!

Leanne B.

SHEEEEEEEEE ISSSSSSSSS THEEEEEEEEEEEE GOATTTTTTTTTTTTT! She really knows social media, and she has so many tricks no one else teaches. She is super intelligent and extremely professional. Her assistants customer service was impeccable.

Latasha F.

Real reviews, by real clients!

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The multifaceted consultant you need.

- Thee entreprenuer coach

Meet Jasmine Daniels, a highly successful and relatable business consultant and owner of "It's business upstairs" who has made a significant mark in the world of entrepreneurship by opening several successful brands.

Jasmine's journey to success began with her innate passion for the art of dance & women's self-esteem, then it transitioned to her deep passion to master the intricacies of business operations. This unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their dreams in any capacity has earned her many awards and honors in the world of entrepreneurship. Jasmine owns the Number one Dance Studio i the midwest in an affluent community that she scaled to with her drive and persistence.

Armed with a degree in sociology, following with 10+ years of hands on business experience ashe embarked on her consulting career to help others save time and reach the highest level of success possible.


What sets Jasmine apart is her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. She possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, which allow her to truly understand the unique challenges and goals of each business owner she works with. Jasmine believes that trust and rapport are the cornerstones of a successful consulting relationship, and she has a natural talent for building both.


From WCIU to Fox news, From magazines to Headlines. She makes sure her brand is SEEN AND HEARD!

The amazing thing about her is that she pushes for your brand to win, like it's hers.

Throughout her career, Jasmine has opened several brands of her own, showcasing her remarkable business acumen. Her ventures range from Dance Studios to Virtual apps, brick and mortar stores, therefore showcasing her versatility and adaptability in various sectors. These ventures serve as living examples of her expertise and prove that she practices what she preaches.

Jasmine's consulting services are in high demand due to her track record of helping  new entrepreneurs achieve remarkable growth. She employs a holistic approach, combining strategic planning, real life rules, and innovative problem-solving to develop tailored solutions for her clients.

Her clients often praise her for her clear communication, actionable advice, and the genuine care she demonstrates in every project.


Jasmine Daniels is not just a successful business consultant; she is a trusted partner in the journey to success for numerous entrepreneurs. Her relatability, hands-on experience, and the tangible success of her own brands make her a sought-after expert in the world of business consulting. Whether you are a startup looking to gain a foothold in the market or an established business aiming for rebranding, Jasmine is the go-to person.

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What do I offer?

I’m glad you asked! I offer: Mentorships, Courses, Ebooks, and top-notch Digital products for both the newbies stepping into the business arena and the seasoned entrepreneurs looking to TIGHTEN UP! Whether you're trying to start a new venture, fix up the business you have or rebrand, I got you. I specialize in digestible & relatable teaching framework for you to secure consistent cash flow & create a magnetic brand that customers can't get enough of, I've got the keys to the door of success!

What problems do my mentorships & products solve?



We're tackling the struggles head-on: Say goodbye to those scattered sales, wave farewell to the "Who's that?" brand vibes, kick confusion about business steps to the curb, and picture a life where you're not grinding every single day because we're all about automating that hustle. Oh & Marketing will no longer be a worry of yours! Let's transform those obstacles into victories and have you vibing in the success lane!

Benefits of working or purchasing from me? 

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Someone you can relate too. Laugh-out-loud wisdom that you will resonate with in order for you to learn and execute how to have consistent sales, an addictive brand and a well ran business!

1.Exclusive products, Picture this: courses that are so exclusive, they're practically on another level – you won't find this anywhere else. Other people may sell it, but not like I do!


        2. Learn my WINNING marketing and business secrets that'll have you standing out like the amazing brand you are!

           3. We're not just talking about leveling up your business; we're talking about scaling up at an accelerated speed, with guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur who's been holding it down for a solid decade. 


4. What I teach is real, solid information. I’m going to transform you from scattered sales and doubt, to living that dream bank account life. Everything I'm dropping is tried, tested, and true – no fluff, just pure results fit for a passionate business owner like YOU that just needs guidance, steps and assurance!

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